Unions lobby for no lay-offs

Posted by Christi Reynard email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati's CODE Union says it hopes to make a deal to save jobs despite a big hole in the city's budget.

Representatives from several unions met Sunday night with city leaders to talk budget numbers and city priorites.

The unions agrprioritiesnati's 2010 Budget decisions will be the toughest in decades, but that cuts can be made that don't involve lay-offs.

"I know there has been some pretty heavy lobbying on some of those fronts today.  I don't know that anything is resolved as of yet, but I do know there are things identified in the city budget that can be cut than can maintain the basic services and public safety, " says Diana Frey, CODE President.

City Manager Milton Dohoney, Jr. has recommended laying off 315 city workers to help close the $51.5 million gap between revenues and expenses.

Under Ohio law, the city's budget must be balanced by the end of the year.

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