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We are gathering information right now about a Cincinnati police officer who has died overseas. We will post new information as soon as we get it.

There are a few important recalls to tell you about: 800,000 doses of kids' swine flue vaccines are being recalled.

And in another important recall, the CPSC is recalling 50 million window blinds in one of the largest recalls in history.

A Hamilton man who was murdered last night has been identified.

Strangers came together in Avondale last night to mourn two men whose murders remain unsolved.

The Ohio Supreme Court made an important vote today on cell phones and search warrants. Find out what they voted.

Kentuckian George Clooney has been nominated for a Golden Globe. Get a complete list of nominees here. must click of the day: An Ohio man who served 28 years in prison has been released after DNA evidence revealed he was innocent.

Today on the video page: A visit from Bootsy Collins and a councilman announces his plan for the city budget.

It will feel more like winter the rest of this week. Get your complete forecast. 

A mild start but temperatures will start falling into the low 30's by noon and will stay in the mid-30's this afternoon. However, we will notice more sunshine through the day today with clearing skies tonight, temperatures will fall to 19 degrees. Sunny skies both Wednesday and Thursday with temperatures in the mid to upper 30's. Expect a BIG COLD SNAP by Sunday as temperatures will fall back into the mid-20's.

FOX19 Meteorologist Frank Marzullo

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