Metro employee honored for heroics

Posted by Christi Reynard email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Metro honored one of its drivers Tuesday for some heroics he did off the job helping Golf Manor firefighters save a little girl.

Antonio Jordan was awarded Metro's highest honor - the CEO Coin of Excellence.

On Nov. 23, Antonio rushed to his neighbor's house that was on fire with a little girl trapped inside.

Jordan was on top of a carport helping firefighters get into a second story window when the carport started to collapse.

"The other firefighter jumped and when he jumped he actually bent the canopy further down. He was actually falling out of the window," says Jordan.  "So what I did was, I tippy-toed over as far as I can and shoved him up and braced myself against the building. While he was falling, I pushed him up by myself."

That girl wasn't breathing and had no pulse when firefighters pulled her out of the house.

But paramedics were able to resuscitate her.  She received hyperbarric therapy at an Indiana hospital to help her recover.

After the fire, Golf Manor Fire Chief Greg Ballman thanked Jordan personally.

"We don't always have helpful people around us," says Ballman.  "A lot of times we have people in the way this guys was right place right time was willing to pitch in was helpful."

Jordan says he's considered becoming a firefighter.

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