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My name is Megan E. from Springfield and I've been watching your news coverage on Chris Henry and would love to share my fondest memory.  A few years ago Chris and several other Bengals came to Springfield to play in a basketball game against our police officers.  They played at North High School- my alma mater.  I had never been to a professional football game but have been a Bengals fan since day one so I couldn't pass up the opportunity.  Of all the players, Chris stood out to me the most because his natural athleticism just blew me away!  He was an amazing basketball player, but yet he's a professional in a different sport!  To this day I still can't get over how good he was on that court.  Ever since then I NEVER gave up hope that he would one day return to the active roster as a stand out player- there's no way that much natural talent wouldn't eventually shine through. RIP Chris- I will miss you and miss watching you. - Megan E.

I think what happend to chris henry is a shame he was really starting to get on the right path. I say everyone in the tri state to get behind the bengals and get a super bowl for chris henry and vicki zimmerman may they both rest in peace WHO DEY!!!!!!!!!!! - Brandon and Christina Gehrum

The Family of Chris Henry--
Shhhh, just take the time to listen
Be still and feel the calm
Know that God is with you
Just take a hold his arm
I do not know the reason
That your path has crossed this way
But know that strength is coming
It will grow in time each day
We know that Chris had changed
In that, please find your peace
Just turn it over to Jesus
And let him hold your grief
I pray for Tonga and the children
That God will give you hope
Give you courage to keep moving
Give you calm to help you cope
 -Sherry Hammons

I'm so sad to hear about Chris Henry. My sincere prayers and thoughts go out to his family and especially to his children who will now have to grow up without their daddy. What a tragic ending to a life that was trying to get turned in the right direction. Chris was one of my favorite players to watch on the Bengals team, because he was so good at what he did. Our City of Cincinnati has lost a very talented young player. I hope that the Bengals can pull through this very tragic and tough time without him. Tears and prayers for his family:( - Christina G.