Parents decide to keep their children at Springfield Township daycare

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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Parents in Springfield Township are speaking out about why they are keeping their children at a daycare where they may have been given melatonin to help them sleep.

Some of the parents did indeed pull their children out of the daycare, worried their kids had been given the dietary supplement melatonin to help them take naps. However, a good number of parents said they're keeping their kids in.

This church community is standing-up for it's daycare workers. They said the people remaining they still trust to care for their kids.

Despite the allegations before them, many parents, even great grandparents said they're going to keep their kids right at the Covenant Apostolic Church daycare.

"I have never for one minute had a reason to feel that my child was in danger," said mother of two, Holly Arrowood. "I still don't feel that he's in danger."

Arrowood said she didn't call her doctor.

"I don't feel that there was intent to harm a child," Arrowood said, but she also works in the medical field, so she did her homework on melatonin.

"I know enough to know that typically melatonin is not thought to be a danger," said Arrowood.

Three-year-old Heavyn Whit, has been going to the daycare most of her young life. Her great grandparents said she used to go to another daycare where they encountered some trouble.

"They had problems with teachers hitting kids," Heavyn's great grandmother Marcia Price said.

So imagine police handing them letters Monday saying their great grandchild had been given something called melatonin, by workers at her new daycare.

"It floored us, it really did," Price said. "Her mother was worried, yes, she was worried."

But after attending the church for 58 years, she said, "We know a lot of people, we trust a lot of people."

"I think they're wonderful people," echoed her husband of 58 years, William Price.

Two workers have been fired from Covenant Apostolic Daycare.

"It's just somebody made some bad decision and they're supposedly gone so I think everybody will be fine," Price said.

FOX19 wanted to take our camera inside the daycare, but there were still plenty of kids waiting on their parents, so we were not allowed in that part of the church.

FOX19 has also learned it was another daycare worker who called the police on their now fired colleagues.

No charges have been filed yet against either of those people.

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