French ToastFancy French Toast

French ToastFancy French Toast

Submitted by Debbie Gannaway of Kroeger and Sons Meats,

Located in Findlay Market, 513-651-5543

1 Loaf     Bread of your choice, go for something different

Try Cinnamon Raison, or a French Baguette, etc.

2 cups    Milk, or 1 cup Heavy Cream with 1 cup water

2             Eggs

1 tbsp     Sugar

1 tsp       Nutmeg

1/2 tsp    Salt

1/2 tsp    Cinnamon

1 tsp       Vanilla

Slice bread according to your choice, thick or thin, it's up to you.

Combine all other ingredients and whisk together thoroughly.

Put liquid in a shallow bowl, and dip one slice at a time into the bowl, being careful to turn each slice over.  Poking each slice in a couple of places will help it penetrate the bread better.

Heat skillet or griddle on high heat, but then turn heat down to medium before you put the first batch in the skillet.  Cook on each side until golden brown.  Transfer to a heated platter until all are cooked.  I keep the platter in my oven, set to 200.

Serve with bacon (Rob's favorite is our Pepper Bacon), sausage patties or links and a selection of the following toppings:

Whipped Cream (Snowstone Creamery, available at Madison's)

Sour Cherry Jam (Claddaugh Farms)

Or any of your favorite jams, jellies or preserves.

Pure Maple Syrup (Maumee Traders)

Many interesting choices of breads can be found at:

Angelina's / Europa

Blue Oven Bakery   (they will not be back until Jan 2)

Bouchard's Anything's Pastable

Mediteranean Imports

Mike's Meats

Gibbs Cheese


Leftovers, if there are any, can be frozen in sandwich size bags and reheated in your toaster or toaster oven.