Rating teachers based on student achievement

By Regina Russo  bio | email

CINCINNATNI, OH (FOX19) - The president of the Cincinnati Teachers' Union believes rating teachers in low performing schools based on test scores is unfair in part because of social economic factors that play a heavy role in student achievement.

"They're working 10 to 12 hours, working weekends and sometimes out of teacher's control," said Julie Sellers.

Sellers says what's helped teachers improve student achievement in the district is community learning centers.

"I know district is writing a grant to have a Community Learning Center at each of the lower achieving schools," she said.

It does take a village, especially now when it's become clear that teaching has changed, because students have changed.

Harold brown is the executive director of Edworks, a non profit organization, a subsidiary of Knowledgeworks that works at chronically low performing schools across the country, transforming good teachers into great ones and he says

"We start by saying you're not wrong," said Brown.

But the students are different, so your approach to them has to be.

"But standing in front lecturing won't do, you have to engage, make learning relevant," he said. "So some lecture, teach teamwork, connect to the A student and the B student like a minister, teach to the save and unsaved."

Districts in Cleveland and Columbus who've hired Edworks to make successful changes in their schools are now part of the converted.

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