Holiday Travel expected to jump 9.4 percent in Ohio

By Tiffany Teasley – bio | email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Expect packed highways if you're taking a road trip for the holidays. According to AAA, holiday travel is expected to jump 3.8 percent across the country compared to last year.

"We're going to Florida, we're going to stay there for three days and turn around and come back," said Victor Theisen.

The destination may differ but the mission for drivers is all the same.

"We're hoping to arrive there for Christmas," Theisen said

The Theisens are a few millions hitting the road for the holidays, they're making the long trip to Florida, we caught up with dozens of drivers along an 1-75 rest stop, gearing up for a long drive.

"We're going down to see my parents we started this morning, so we're going to take 75 down and we're going to drive straight through," Opdycke said.

And these drivers aren't alone,  AAA Cincinnati says the national trend of increased holiday travel is also playing out locally.

"3.3 million Ohioans traveling over the new year and Christmas holiday and that's actually up 9.4 percent over last year," said Elaine Zeimer of AAA Cincinnati.

According to AAA people are becoming more confident in their finances, and travel is something that's trickling back into their budgets.

"They're feeling a little more willing to get out there and at the same time they're trying to watch their budget and control costs as much as possible," Zeimer said.

And drivers say moderate gas prices are helping control those costs.

"Being that gas is kind of leveled off, we thought it was a good time to go ahead and do it," Opdycke said.

AAA also says the bulk of travelers will drive about 88 percent,  and only about 5 percent will fly.

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