Snowstorm out west sidelines two local women for Christmas Eve

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - All that bad weather out west meant many people trying to make it home for Christmas, but found themselves making the best of it at the airport.

Here in the tri-state, all may have been calm, but the outlook was not as bright for many travelers at CVG, who were hoping to be in the air hours before Santa Claus.

Instead, they found themselves put-up in hotels for Christmas Eve. One of the most promising signs in the airport were the piles of luggage waiting in the baggage claim area to be picked-up. That meant flights were getting in and that somebody would be de-planing to pick them up.

Upstairs the travel story at ticketing was not so hot.

"We had our tickets 3 months ago," said Pat Gay, "And got tickets early and now we're told that we can't go out tonight."

Sisters Pat Gay and Peggy Brown thought they'd be relaxing in Charleston, South Carolina by now.

"I'm going to visit my niece," Brown said.

Instead, they were heading to a hotel, courtesy of Delta Airlines.

"Why not? We'll just stay down here," Gay said.

The ladies were told they'd fly out first thing Christmas morning.

"My trust level is about like this," Gay laughed and making a small gesture with her fingers pinched together.

Two words had passengers seeing red Christmas Eve, "canceled" and "diverted".

"Probably my plane is somewhere in Oklahoma or Texas, it's fine, I'll make it," Gay laughed.

"I'm kind of apprehensive but I think everything will be ok," Brown said.

There were "stand-by" tags on certain bags, proving even other people's luggage may have flown more than the actual owners of the bags.

"Some of them have to wait a long time," said airport goodwill ambassador and volunteer Don Thomas. He is never lonely at his kiosk in the center of Terminal 3, where he tries to re-assure passengers things will smooth-out...eventually.

"They've missed their connecting flight and they have to wait for the next flight to go out and sometimes it's not unusual, maybe 6 or 7 hours, a lot of them have to stay overnight," said Thomas.

FOX 19 wanted to know if their Christmas Eve celebrations would extend beyond their hotel room?

"Probably not," Brown said. "Just kind of lay back and relax," she laughed.

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