Price Hill woman gets Christmas miracle

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A Price Hill woman is brought to tears by a random act of kindness, from a man she's calling her Santa Claus this Christmas.

It's hard enough to afford some prescriptions, but even harder when your insurance no longer covers the one thing you need the most. Well a woman named Mary got her miracle this Christmas.

(*when you view the video clip of this story, you will notice she asked us not to show her face, due to some scarring from cancer treatments.)

"Remember, the magic of Christmas lies in your heart," said a recorded message inside Mary Richey's favorite Santa Claus toy. Nobody understands that message better than Mary Richey this Christmas, who needed a very specific bottle of eye drops.

"I've got cancer in my eye," Richey said. "And my eye stays constantly dry and without this, my eye dries-up, it gets scratched, I get sore."

Regular eye drops do not work, plus her insurance kept changing what it would cover.

"You can't get anybody to explain it to you," Richey said. "Because once you get on the phone with anybody it's a computerized thing and you don't get to talk to a human being."

But she did get a real person on the phone. Apparently Santa has been moonlighting at the pharmacy at the Kroger on Enright Avenue in Price Hill and his name is Sean.

"He was 22 years old and he just pops at my door later in the evening I guess after the store closed and brings me my medicine out of the kindness of his heart, he paid out of his own pocket, and didn't know me from Adam and brought me some medicine so my eye wouldn't hurt for Christmas," Richey said.

FOX 19 did leave messages with the pharmacist on duty Christmas Eve, but we never heard back. Do you suppose Santa was sort of busy Christmas Eve?

And just like the poem read, 'he spoke not a word'. "He didn't say much of anything," Richey said. "because I was crying too hard. He's my Santa Claus. He's got workers all over the place, kids, and one of them works at Krogers."

Mary said she'd just about given-up on Christmas, knowing she'd go to bed in pain. But Santa is always watching.

"You don't know how well I slept last night (Christmas Eve), knowing that I had moisture in my eye and woke-up this morning and I could put more moisture in my eye," Richey said.

"Imagine taping your eyes open for days and days at a time and you can't blink and you can't get no moisture in it and then somebody out of the blue that doesn't even know you cares enough, somebody that they don't even know, and does something like that for you," she said tearfully.

Richey said she has no idea what the drops cost. "To me it's priceless," she said. "And I didn't think there were any good ones left, but he makes me believe again."

We're told, after Sean did his good deed, he walked outside, only to find someone had hit his car (or was it his sleigh? He is, after all, Santa Claus) and then fled the scene.

Richey said she hopes his insurance will cover the repairs. We are told Sean plays in a church choir Christmas Day evening. Mary asked us to send him her best, for making her Christmas, a truly merry one.

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