Fundraiser for Covington family

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COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) – The Covington community is coming together to help a local family, put out by blaze that destroyed their apartment. One hundred percent of the money made at Chez Nora on Christmas night will go to Daniel Hughes, Tasha Spaulding and their four young children.

"If it wasn't for our cliental I don't think this could be's just our way of giving back," Bartender Jay Pemberton says.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, the family of six was put out on the street.

"We woke up an apartment full of smoke," says Hughes. "We grabbed the kids and got out as quick as we could."

It took the fire department over four hours to put out the flames.

After spending weeks in Tasha's Aunt apartment, the family was given a new start.

"We've come very very far from not having a home and not just the clothes on our backs," says Spaulding. "Having what we have now, we have our lives and that's the most important thing."

The Red Cross helped pay for an apartment, one floor above Tasha's aunt.

Now the family has room to spread out.

"The kids love it, they just non stop running, they run from one end to the other," Hughes says.

Their four kids are young. Cayden is four, Daniel Jr is three, Kira is two, and Mariah is one.

With the help of friends and complete strangers in the Covington area, those kids are able to have a Merry Christmas.

"Everything I got is from help, even Christmas dinner that I'm making right now," says Spaulding.  "its all come from someone who actually cared."

Even Santa Claus found them in the new home.

"Santa brought a bunch of presents," says Daniel Jr. "He brought me lots of toys and clothes."

A month ago, the family had nothing.

No place to live, no belongings...just each other.

However, this Christmas, they couldn't be happier.

"Its one of the best Christmas's, even though its been a rough year, its one of the best Christmas' we've ever had," says Spaulding.

If you would like to help Daniel and Tasha's family, call them at 859-982-7205.

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