Powerball winner sold in Georgetown, KY

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email

GEORGETOWN, KY (FOX19) - Someone's New Year's celebrations are starting earlier this year. No one has stepped-forward yet, but there is a person out there somewhere, holding the winning ticket in Kentucky's biggest lottery ever.

There is nearly $130 million waiting out there. The owner of the Pro-Travel Marathon gas station in Georgetown is hoping someone steps-forward soon to claim their big prize.

And to answer the burning question all over town, who's holding the winning ticket?

"Sure it is exciting," said Jack Zakir, owner of the Pro-Travel Marathon. "It looks like New Years already in here."

Zakir said a friend called him Sunday and told him the winning ticket had been sold in Georgetown.

"We were trying to figure out which store had sold it," Zakir said.

He got the multi-million dollar call Monday morning.

"This morning, 6 o'clock the lottery guys called me and said that your store sold that winning ticket. I was really thrilled and excited," he said.

Friends and customers felt like they had won too.

"That's awesome, I know the owner so I'm really happy for him," said Christina Ballman.

She had a bunch of scratch-off tickets in her Christmas stocking and raked in around $55.  But if she had the winning Powerball ticket, Ballman said she'd be a good Samaritan.

"I probably would have paid off my house, then helped people that I know," Ballman said.

"Kentucky Powerball then I'm gonna do one of the 'Win For Life'," said Al Tackett, as he was paying for a lottery ticket. He said he'd make someone's day also.

"I'd say there'd be a lot of people happier than me because I gave 'em some of my winnings," Tackett said.

Tackett drives a tour bus for bands, so he's tried his lottery luck in several states.

"I bought one in Utah a little while ago that I'm waiting on the 31st to see if that wins," he said.

Like the rest of us, Laura Kelty is still dreaming.

"I wish it would have been me!" she said.

The owner said he will probably pay off some debt and re-invest in his business. He expects his $89,000 check will be in his hands before the end of this week.

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