Get ready for the 2010 census

By Regina Russo bio | email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Many people may not know what a census is, or better yet, why it's so important.

The federal government is launching a national campaign in 12 cities, including Cincinnati, to get people ready for the 2010 census.

"To make public aware census coming, it's safe, important and (they) need to return it so  the community can got the right amount of federal dollars," said Donna Marsh, Media Specialist for the Regional Census Center.

Marsh says the data that's received from just 10 easy questions on the census forms decides if a community gets things such as new roads or hospitals.

"You know the bus that you're waiting on, federal dollars to Metro (is) contingent on the numbers in the city," said Marsh. "Will that keep the buses going? Everyone needs to fill out the census forms."

Marsh says that for everyone who doesn't return a census form, the community loses $2,200 dollars a year for ten years.