Passengers welcome heightened, tighter security at CVG

By Sara Celi – bio | email

ERLANGER, KY (FOX19) -  While bomb dogs sniffed through Terminal Two at CVG, passengers had their bags re-checked and re-scanned Thursday morning after a security breach.

Airport officials say someone took a bag off the Terminal Two security checkpoint belt too soon, prompting the breach.

All bags were cleared, but the breach brought recently security concerns to an even higher level at Cincinnati's International Airport.

"It's a pain going through the delays and it takes a lot longer, but I personally feel a lot safer,"says passenger Denise Rainey.

Rainey and her daughter heard about what happened at Terminal Two as they arrived for a flight leaving from Terminal Three.

"I'm fine with security procedures being stepped up even more than they are today, even if it inconveniences me, as long as it's actually getting at the bad guys," says Rainey.

All over CVG, TSA officers are easily spotted. Four officers were patrolling Terminal Three within seconds of arrival. A lot of passengers are also echoing advice given out by airport officials.

"We kind of left early, just to be aware, expecting that we'd have longer lines, maybe," says passenger Mark Healey.

"We normally would have arrived an hour before our flight. We are an hour and 45 minutes before our flight," says Rainey.

CVG officials say allow 60 extra minutes of check-in time for domestic travel, 90 extra minutes for international travel. Officials also say heightened security is likely a permanent part of traveling by air.

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