Hamilton residents fed up with crime spree

By Tiffany Teasley – bio | email

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - Three shootings in just three days.

" I looked out of my window and when I put back the window curtain I hear a bang," said Terri, a Hamilton resident who wishes to go by her first name.

And that bang was a gunshot, right outside Sindy's Pub in Hamilton on Monday night.
"And I heard the gun shot go off and then I got up and come to the door and when I opened the door, the man was stumbling that had been shot," said Stacey, a Hamilton resident.
Police say a 59-year-old man was robbed at gunpoint after leaving the bar, Stacey lives right across the street from where it all happened and called police.
"He fell in the middle of the street and was calling for help, so I turned my head and called 911," Stacey said.
"The guy says 'call 911 I've been shot' and then he went in the bar," Terri said.
Also on Monday, police say a man was shot outside his home on Front Street, and just a few blocks away on Wednesday night, police say a woman was also robbed at gun point at the Splash and Dash Auto Wash on Grand Blvd. Authorities say as the suspect fled he fired shots at her vehicle, luckily she wasn't hit.
" It's just scary because this is the third shooting that's happened," Stacey said.
And after this recent crime spree many residents in Hamilton are considering simply packing up and leaving the neighborhood.
"Me and my sister are thinking about moving from here now," Terri said.
"We're looking to move,  I mean, it takes money, but it's scary," Stacey said.
Scary to see their safety suffer.
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