Tri-state welcomes new year with parties, fireworks

(Cincinnati and New Orleans) FOX19 -- Cincinnati rang in 2009 and rang in 2010 with celebrations ranging from Batavia to Bourbon Street.

A couple thousand people spent the evening on Fountain Square, listening to music, partying and ice skating until the clock reached midnight.  The new year rang in with the sound of Rozzi's Famous Fireworks coming from the roof of the Macy's store at Fountain Place.

A number of places held early celebrations aimed at kids.  One of those was at The Beach.  Probably not too many people were in bathing suits.  Another was at the Cincinnati zoo, where the countdown started just before 9 p.m.

Besides all the normal celebrations in homes, bars, and restaurants, one of the Tri-state's longest running and most exclusive events was in the ballroom at Music Hall.  That program followed the Cincinnati Symphony's New Year's concert.

If you were looking for Cincinnatians partying in the streets, you might have had to look pretty far to find a bigger crowd than Fountain Square,  all the way to New Orleans., in fact 

An estimated 20 thousand Tri-staters were in the Big Easy in advance of the UC football appearance in the Sugar Bowl, and many of them were in the French Quarter or on Jackson Square, where New Orleans holds its main New Year's celebration.  Among the revelers was Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory, who told FOX19's Brian Giesenschlag he was there to show the city's support for the Bearcats.