Man loses a hundred pounds

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Losing weight may be the most popular New Year's resolution of all time. A Cincinnati man, who just turned 20, is happy to be more than a hundred pounds lighter than he was a year ago. Michael Sprawl told FOX 19, this time last year, he was stepping into a size 48 waist pants, no problem.

His work played a key role in helping him drop to a now svelte 34 waist. Michael is the guy you see at the Greater Cincinnati Airport, pushing passengers, who need assistance, in a wheelchair. He pushes them from the skycap station at ticketing to their gates.

Sprawl estimates he walks, pushing passengers weighing an average 200 pounds or more, at least 30 or more miles a day.

Plus, he said he would walk-around on his breaks inside the terminal.

Even at his heaviest, Michael said he found himself pushing two people at a time, which he said was brutal.

"I remember one time I had one person that weighed 300 pounds on one side," Sprawl said. "And I had his wife, she was like 300 pounds on the other side."

Michael's waist is down from a 48 to a 34.. From a "6X" shirt to a men's medium now.

Sprawl said he feels like a million bucks now.

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