Cincinnati man loses a hundred pounds pushing wheelchairs

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email

CINCINNATI, OH ( FOX19) - If you are one of the many who have resolved to lose weight in this new year, we have some inspiration for you. A local guy dropped a hundred pounds, down from 300 to 200 pounds.

A now slim Michael Sprawl can hardly believe his eyes, as he peers from behind his formerly sprawling size 48 pants, that used to be snug on him. Today, he can fit both legs into one of the legs of those "big pants" as he called them.

So if you're wondering, how did Michael make the weight come off, he did it simply by pushing folks at least 30 miles a day in wheelchairs, from the skycaps to their gates, and that's how the more than 100 pounds came flying off.

"I was pushing wheelchairs and eating Subway," Sprawl said.

Yes, he would eat subway sandwiches every day, just like the restaurant chain spokesman, Jared Fogel.

"I heard of Jared losing weight off of Subway," Sprawl said. "I'm like, if I'm trying and lose weight I could go ahead and eat only Subway, so I was only eating Subway and when I wanted a snack I would eat Twizzlers or a granola bar."

Sprawl gets a major workout, at work, 5 days a week. "You have to work your weight off after you eat, you can't just eat and sit down," he said.

Sprawl just turned 20, December 29th, and said he's struggled with being heavy all his life. "I didn't feel good about myself at all," he said. "I had very low self-esteem."

He couldn't repeat some of the cruelties people have hurled at him in his short lifetime.

"whew," he exhaled loudly. "They would call me everything, I just didn't feel like I was in the world at all, just felt like an outcast, and now I feel so much better about myself."

He said his own mother was stunned when she saw him after a long absence.

"She's like, is that my son?" he said. "She couldn't even recognize me." And neither could his friends.

"My name used to be big mike," he said. "I go by Mike now, I would say "big mike" and they'd say, 'oh my God, you serious'?"

He dropped from a 48 waist to a 34, from a 6x shirt to a men's medium and also dropped a whole shoe size, from a 12 to an 11.

"I would say 'thank you' and keep Subway going!," he said.

Michael told FOX 19 he'd love to be the new "Jared".

"I would say you can do it, if I can do it, anybody can do it because I always just accepted I was a big person and never really thought I would lose weight and it just happened," he said. "Keep God, keep God in your prayers and it can happen for you."

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