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Elderly, shut-ins get "blizzard bags" from with their "Meals-On-Wheels"

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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Thousands of seniors and shut-ins rely on their "Meals On Wheels" delivery people, not just to bring them a hot meal every day, but also to make sure their heat is working properly and that everything's alright.

They're getting a little something extra with the pending snow storm, called blizzard bags. It's helping folks weather the storm.

No matter what the cold weather throws at us, Charles Hobson knows his "Meals On Wheels" clients depend on him and will be waiting.

"They're important to us and we're important to them," Hobson said.

His van is jam-packed with good food.

"I bag 'em up, put 'em in the cart and I take 'em in," he said.

Hobson was also carrying plenty of blizzard bags.

"And the blizzard bags is just extra food," Hobson said. "Because of the snows and we wanna make sure they have enough food to carry 'em because of the bad weather, so we give 'em their regular meals, some blizzard bags and some peanut butter and jelly to carry 'em over cause the weather can get bad, we might not know if we can get out of not and we just wanna make sure that they're safe and secure."

Charles gets quite a workout pushing his loaded cart through the winding hallways of his client's buildings.

He knocks on the doors and makes sure he hands the food bags to the clients directly.

"This is the blizzard bag," he explains to elderly client Otis Washington. "And this is the meal," he said. "And there's your food for the day, and here's your blizzard bag."

"What a surprise!" Washington said. "Look at this, gifts from heaven...And this is beautiful and they deliver on time and I don't worry about a thing."

"I look at 'em like my family," Hobson said. "I love 'em just like my family, and make sure they're secure and in their house all right."

Cincinnati Area Senior Services provide nearly 2 million home-delivered meals a year and that feeds about 11-thousand homebound older adults in our 5-county region.

C.A.S.S. is also urging people to check-in regularly this winter on their elderly or shut-in neighbors. If you notice things amiss, like a lack of tire tracks in a very snowy driveway for a day or two, or lights not on in homes where older people typically are at night, be sure and knock on their door to make sure they're ok. 

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