Making the most of a snowy day in Hyde Park

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Some folks have given up trying to fight the snow. Instead, they're looking for ways to stay home and enjoy the winter weather with their families.

In some neighborhoods, like Hyde Park, where side streets have yet to see an ounce of salt or a snow plow, the sled was the preferred method of getting around.

"I am a physical therapist," said Carol McSherry. "And the clinic was canceled today because of the snow so, that was a good call, yes."

Parent Carol McSherry spent the snow day with hers and a neighbor's kids and she said it is dedicated to two things.

"It's all about sledding and hot chocolate for the day," McSherry said.

Laura Jenkins took one look outside and decided to leave her car at home.

"Actually, I got as far as my driveway and then I decided I would walk to do my errands today."

This was a very dry snow.

"It's not real dense or heavy, it's pretty light," Leslie Earl said.

So it was not the greatest snow for sled riding, but easy on the back when it comes to getting that shoveling workout.

"We don't have a hill to sled ride down," Earl said. "So we're cleaning off the driveway and cleaning off the car. My kids are doing a great job."

Even their tiny snowman agreed.

"It's not good packing snow, we tried to make a snowman earlier and didn't have much luck," said Earl.

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