Jeb Bush Joins John Kasich on Campaign Trail

By Tiffany Teasley – bio | email
MASON, OH (FOX19) -  The message as was all about making Ohio an attractive area for business to grow, something Gubernatorial candidate John Kasich says isn't happening in the state.
"We do not have an atmosphere in the state that encourages entrepreneurship and job creation," Kasich said.
That's why Kasich brought together people from various sectors of the economy to the FANUC  Robotics plant in Mason for a business forum, to start a dialogue about how he can help them.
"I'm giving you a pledge that I want you to be involved in the next administration, we need to know what your problems are on a very regular basis," Kasich said.
Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush joined in on the conversation touting Kasich's business background as big bonus for the state.

"My hope is the next generation of leaders like John Kasich here and other places around the country, realized how important it is for us to be competitive by building a world class business climate," Bush said.

Just minutes away, also in Mason, former Mason mayor and small business owner Betty Davis talked about the positive direction that incumbent Governor Strickland is taking Ohio in.
"We have survived, Ohio has survived, under the leadership of Governor Strickland," Davis said.
Davis said as a small business owner she feels Governor Strickland is in touch with the priorities of people like her.
"He knows that for small business to be started, we can't deter perspective business owners or existing business owners for that matter, with confusing and burdensome regulations," Bush said.

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