Burlington woman rides horses for Red Cross

Stephanie England-Grey
Stephanie England-Grey

By Sara Celi – bio | email

BURLINGTON, KY (FOX19) - Stephanie England-Grey is spending 24 hours straight riding a horse around her arena at Little Britain Farms. She started at 5 a.m. Friday; she's raising money for Red Cross relief efforts in Haiti.

"My breakfast horse just needed a walk. I just picked an old horse that needed a walk, and I ate breakfast on him," says Stephanie.

While Stephanie's been riding, the money has galloped along. A green poster board and sign up sheet shows the progress. Stephanie says pledges are well over $4000.

"One of my former clients, cam co, they kicked it off with a hundred dollars a hour. So that got the ball rolling," says Stephanie.

As for the horses, Stephanie says don't worry.

"I'm changing every half hour. Every half hour so that nobody gets overworked, and my feet get hit the ground lightly for a couple seconds between horses," she says.

Thirty horses will help her on this special ride.

"Some of them will have to repeat. But in a 24 hour period, of they have to work a couple half hours, that's a pretty good job,"says Stephanie.

She says friends will be along through the day to ride with her.

"I figured in a dance-a-thon, well, don't people stay in a gym all night? So just think of it as me and a gym, and a bunch of horses," she says.

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