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FOX19 on pothole patrol

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX10) - It is a game we play every year and it's on again with potholes. And now that the weather has warmed-up slightly, we've got a bumper crop out there.

FOX 19 is on pothole patrol for you. Maybe you've seen them. You have certainly felt them. Your car is never the same after encountering them and we love to hate those pesky potholes.

If you see a bright red Hamilton County truck with flashing arrows, you're in luck. It's the county workers attacking those problematic potholes that are popping-up all over the place.

"This is actually the cold patch repair and right in the heat of the winter some of the facilities are closed down," said Larry Whitaker with Public Works. "It's actually the materials we have available to us."

It's not warm enough yet to use the hot patching method, but Hamilton County is trying to ease your travel troubles, tamping down the cold patch material. Whitaker said they've already received 89 calls for pothole repairs.

Businesses, like GoodYear downtown, are certainly feeling your pothole pain. While we may think of it as pothole season, they see it more as alignment season and it is in full swing.

"You'll get tires that'll have bulges on the side, big tears in 'em because people don't see 'em," said mechanic Chris Huster. "Some people will just run into 'em anyway because there's no room to turn."

And that leaves many drivers with mangled wheels or bent tie rods. Either way, the costs can really add up. Huster showed FOX 19 a significantly damaged wheel.

"Right here we have a steel rim which is actually stronger than an aluminum rim which came in off an '09 Toyota, that ended-up being pretty mangled and we're pretty sure it had something to do with hitting a pothole," Huster said. "But this right there is probably hitting something bout 50-60 miles an hour."

And if you see any bulging of your tire around the outside, let a mechanic take a look at what's happened inside, after hitting that pothole.

"And the inner-liner gives way and that's what your seeing right here," said GoodYear Manager Jason Crouch holding a bunch of crumbled rubber pieces in his hand, that he'd scooped out of the inside of the tire lining. "So, then you'll get impact breaks on the outer side wall build up the heat and that's what makes your tire not repairable."

"Honestly, if you have a pothole that you want repaired call it in, we'll take care of it," said Whitaker.

All you have to do is call 591-6000, which is Hamilton County's pothole repair line. They're going to ask you a few questions, so keep this in mind before you call. You will need to give the location of the pothole, how deep you think the pothole is, a street address or cross street, or the lane on the highway, north or south bound. Officials tell FOX 19 it also doesn't hurt to have road hazard coverage for your tires. 

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