St. Ursula Academy dedicating mission collections to Haiti

Posted by Christi Reynard email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - St. Ursula Academy (SUA) says it will host school mission collections to help raise money for crisis relief in Haiti.

The school collects money every Tuesday for people marginalized in society, .  After January's earthquake in Haiti, students deciding to help one of the poorest nations in our hemisphere.

"If just made sense with the need in Haiti to divert the funds from our weekly mission collection to Haiti which is what we're doing at this point," says Jill Cahill, SUA Director of Marketing.

The community service programming at St. Ursula is designed to create a culture in which service is an expectation and part of the learning process.

"Community service and supporting people in need is part of the culture at St. Ursula Academy," says Rachel Kemper "91, SUA Director of Community Service.  "We are happy we have channels already in place to collect these funds so we can send help very quickly."

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