Sgt. Charles W. Ashcraft

Hi My name is Patricia Ashcraft.  My Husband's Name is Sgt. Charles W. Ashcraft of the 3rd Infantry Division based out of Ft. Stewart Georgia.  He is currently deployed to the front lines of the Kuwait/Iraqui border.  He has been there since January 2003.  I have spoke with him on the telephone one time and that was in Feb.  I miss him terribly!  I am also very afraid for him, but I also know that he is very good at his job, the army has trained him well.  We have been in the military for 8 years now.  My husband is proud to be serving his country during it's time of need, I cannot  express how proud I am of him.  We are from Covington, Kentucky.  I thank you for the coverage that you show on your show, it helps me get through the days that he is deployed.  May God bless our Troops and their Families.


Patricia Ashcraft