Springfield Pike reopens after gas leak

By Richard Todd email

UPDATE (FOX19) - After a major gas leak that caused a small evacuation and the closing of part of Springfield Pike in Woodlawn,  Duke Energy was able to repair the problem in fewer than three hours after it happened.  Springfield Pike was reopened soon after that.

UPDATE (FOX19) - The evacuation of several streets in Woodlawn has now been canceled. The authorities there are telling people who show up at the Armory that Duke Energy now believes they will have the problem fixed much earlier than expected, so the heat will be on in their houses in the next hour or two. People are now being told to go home and wait for that to happen.

Springfield Pike is still closed between Grove and Bonham.

The homes that were previously being evacuated were ones that lost their gas service on streets leading from that stretch of Springfield Pike.

UPDATE (FOX19) -  The streets where homeowners are being evacuated include all or parts Grove and Bonham Roads, Leslie Avenue, and McClean.    Besides whatever threat the gas leak may present, the outage cut off the heat for homes on these streets.

WOODLAWN, OH (FOX19) - Springfield Pike between Bonham and Grove Rd in Woodlawn is closed because of a large gas leak.  A few people within a couple of blocks of the scene were asked to evacuate, and others in the area have been told to shelter in place.  They have evacuated the Wyoming Recreation center.

The leak started when a road water cracked a 2 inch gas main.  The police say the problem will go at least into the early morning hours.

One local business owner who was detoured around the area on his way home told us he couldn't hear or see anything from where the road was blocked, but he sure could smell it.

There are not many nearby streets that are good to use for detours; depending on where you're headed, some alternatives include taking Compton Road to Winton, Galbraith Road to Winton, Glendale Milford to Wayne Avenue or 75, or Galbraith to 75.

The Red Cross is helping people who were evacuated find a place to sleep.  The police say they may also put some people in the National Guard Armory that is a few blocks north of the area.

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