Staff Sergeant Charles Brandon Taulbee

My son Staff Sergeant Charles Brandon Taulbee and his oldest son Bradley. These are two of my favorite people in all the world. He is somewhere in Kuwait or Iraq, with the 101st division from Fort Campbell, KY.

He has been in the army for about 8 years. His Wife Angie who is expecting in August, Bradley and youngest son Lucas are at Fort Campbell awaiting his return. My name is Charles Taulbee and I am very proud of him and all the men that are over there. He is a big, soft hearted, gentle soldier who will always defend the weak or bullied. He likes to act big and macho and he is but his heart is bigger than that so it gets hard for him sometimes. He is a good soldier and understands that doing a good job and his duty could make the difference of whether his sons will ever have to go through what he is now. The absolute hardest thing I ever had to do in my life was to say goodbye to him when he left. I served in Vietnam but that was nothing of what this is like for me. I offered to go with him but they wouldn't let me.

Thanks you for the opportunity of telling about him.

Thank You,

Charles K. Taulbee