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Josh Miller & Charlie Hicks

Josh Miller Josh Miller
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Hi, my husband Gary Hicks, our son Greg, and I (Valerie Hicks) would like to introduce you to two very special people in our lives who are currently serving our country abroad. They are our two oldest sons.

Our oldest son is Josh Miller, 19, currently serving at Camp Casey in Korea. He was in his junior year at Harrison High School when we were hit by terrorism on 9/11. He decided at that time that he wanted to serve his country and to keep his homeland safe, so he joined the Army in the delayed entry program. Josh left for Ft. Benning Georgia in August 2002 for airborne infantry training. Josh has excelled in the service and is very positive about the work he is doing. Josh left for Korea on January 21, 2003 and is scheduled to stay in Korea for at least one year. He is in the mortar division 1/503rd. Everyone who knows Josh misses him very much and his absence has left a deep void in our day to day lives.


Our second son is Charlie Hicks, 19, currently serving in Japan for the next two years. Charlie was raised by his mother and step-father in a suburb of Dallas, TX. Charlie went into the Air force in September, 2002 and left for Japan in January 2003. Charlie is also very patriotic and feels that he is doing what he needs to do. Charlie's area of expertise is in working with the various chemicals for jet re-fuel. Needless to say, these boys are our hero's and we're so proud of them. Our thoughts and prayers are with them constantly.

May God bless all our soldiers, keep them safe, and bring them home quickly.

Valerie L. Hicks

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