Fans react to Maualuga in court

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX10) - Fans sounded off Tuesday about the spectacle that has become this latest episode involving a Bengal.

As fast as they cheer the team on, fans can quickly bring-on the full-on jeers.

"I wish they would have gave him jail time," said Tony Lukemire.

"Really?" asked Grace Chambers. "He ain't, he ain't run? Now I'm just shocked!"

"I thought it was kind of silly ya' know," said Josh Munchel. "Another Bengals player is gettin' in trouble."

"He thinks that he's a professional football player that he can get away with everything," said Lukemire.

"Ooooh, he goin' to jail ain't he?," asked Chambers.

Not exactly. Maualuga got a 7-day suspended jail term.

"Yeh, it make me suspicious," Chambers said. "He bought somebody off, I'm sorry."

"Had it been you or me," said Laura Shafer as she slapped herself on the wrist, "this is not gonna get it, I would be sitting over at the Justice Center waving out the window."

"He's got 2 years probation, and $350 fine, loss of license for 90 days," said Lukemire. "They should of did more to him."

Maualuga will also attend an alcohol awareness program.

"It's upsetting to me because ya know, ok everybody drinks and drives," said Shafer. "But ya' know, they're supposed to be role models. Who looks up to 'em? The kids."

"Of course," said Bryan Gordon. "I think kids look up to a lot of football players. When people you know make the big transition from college to the pros they get all that money, like I guess some people don't understand they still regular people."

Some of Maualuga's fans stayed true to the player, asking for autographs as he left the Kenton County courthouse.

"I imagine he's probably feeling it right now," said James David. "Because when you come off that alcohol, it's like what? did I do that?", he laughed.

As long as Maualuga does what Judge Easterling ordered, this should be the last we hear of this particular Bengal in court.

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