Cpl. Matthew Mullins-Hall

This is a picture of my son, Cpl. Matthew Mullins-Hall, 4th.CAG, out of Anacostia, in D.C. He is a 1998 graduate of Walnut Hills High School, and 2002 graduate of Miami of Ohio. He was deployed to Kuwait January 9, 2003, and at this time we don't know if he's still in Kuwait, or on the road north to Baghdad. Our thoughts and prayers are now with him, and his unit, and all the other members of our brave forces overseas.

The picture was taken when the ship he was on was heading to Kuwait, and he is on the left of the picture, with the big smile, and no sun glasses. This picture was taken at a time when all the officers smoke a cigar, as a tribute to the Naval officers on board, when the ship is traveling through a certain area.

Katie and Reinaldo Mullins-Hall