Lcpl. Paul T. Johnston

This is my best friend Paul. He is a Corporal E-4 in the U.S. Marine Corps. He has been a part of my life and my family for over 6 years. He is a good and caring friend, and a terrific Godfather to 3 great children.

He is always good for a laugh, and brings cheer everywhere he goes. He is the kind of man that would give you any and everything he has, if you need it. In fact, that is exactly what he is doing now. Paul is currently on a ship called The U.S.S. Nassau located in the Red Sea on the coast of Kuwait.

At last contact, March 20, he was preparing to go into Iraq on the ground. He is loved and missed greatly here at home, and we have tied yellow ribbons on our trees and homes in anxious await for his safe return.

He is like a part of our family, and always will be. He is in our hearts and in our thoughts and we hope he will soon be in our midst! He says that it's the children that keeps him going. The children of America need a safe and happy place to grow up, and he will give his all to see that happen. Please keep Lcpl. Paul T. Johnston in your hearts and prayers as he fights for our country.

Tracey & Faith Richmond