PVT Floyd

Floyd is our nephew but he and his brothers & sister have been a big part of me & my wife's life.  He graduated high school in May, 02 went into the service in June, 02. We went to his millitary graduation in September that year then he was sent to Kuwait in Janurary 2003. Floyd's parents divorced when he was very young so he become like a son to us. He & his brothers Robert, the oldest, then Charlie then Floyd then little Sheila. They stayed overnight at our home many weekends & are very close to our 2 boys, so when he came & told us that he wanted to join the Marines we were concerned but proud of him. I myself was unable to join do to an injury to my right eye which I lost sight at a very young age. Even though he was his mothers youngest son, Floyd was the first to graduate from Talawanda High. I told him that it didn't take being a marine for me to be proud of him, & that if they would take me I would like to go & fight along side of him. So any son, dad, mom & daughter that are willing to fight for our country deserve all our respect & love.

This letter sent with love.... Uncle John and Aunt Sheila.