Parents concerned over new racy website

By Kimberly Holmes – bio | email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Parents across the country are furious with a new online game that allows users to buy condoms and role play as prostitutes.

Parents say targets young girls, and is anything but child's play.

Players sign up for free, creating female characters called minxes, who shop, work and party - which costs extra. Players can also buy virtual orphans and get points for booking "clients. Buying condoms for one-night stands boosts the player's IQ.

Chuck Kane, of Union, Ky., has four daughters ranging in age from 3 to 17 and checked out the site. He says his daughters love video games, but he'd never let them play this one.

"I don't think that exploiting children's downtime on computer and learning about contraceptives and the morning after pill, and condoms and those types of things, even in play, is not something I would want my children to see," said Kane.

Some experts say the biggest drawback could be influencing little girls' views of how the world looks at them.

"Even young girls, young boys, too, can get into this and be making some kind of decision that they really haven't thought through and probably most parents would want them to learn about from them," said Dr. W. Michael Nelson, a child psychologist and professor at Xavier University.

FOX19 tried contacting the parent company of the website, "Blighty Arts," but couldn't reach anyone. Game creator Chris Evans did tell American Online that the site is for stylish ladies, not children, and those under the age of 11 aren't allowed to register. However, FOX19 tried to created a profile as 4-year-old, and it worked.

"When I first looked at it, it had the very avatar, very kid, very oriented type of site and it did have a lot of pink," said Kane.

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