Covington starts program to keep city clean

COVINGTON, Ky. (AP) - A new program to keep Covington "clean and green" is getting noticed.

The Kentucky Enquirer reports that the northern Kentucky city and grass-roots organization Covington Clean and Green recently began using inmate labor five days a week to keep city streets clean.

Only nonviolent, low-level class D felons and offenders in the Northern Kentucky Drug Court are used.

Business leaders say they've seen a dramatic improvement since the program began last month.

Holiday Inn general manger Alex Blust says it looked like a paper truck had turned over on the Fifth Street exit recently, but after it was cleaned "you couldn't have found a cup on the sidewalk."

The city's special projects coordinator, Charles Menke, says most of the trash is wrappers from fast food.

So far, the inmates have picked up about 150 bags of trash each day.

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