Discovery's - Animal Planet Network in town

By Dan Wells – email/bio

CINCINNATI (FOX19) – Microscopic parasites took over a local man's body and started destroying his liver, to us it's a nightmare, to Discovery's - Animal Planet Network it's a story for the show "Monsters Inside Me."

When the Animal Planet television network comes to town they bring all the lights, camera and action with them.

At University Hospital film crews' taped "Monsters Inside Me" Sunday afternoon telling the real life stories of parasitic infection and detection.

"Animal Planet is educational for the public but for us it; it showcases some of the special things that University Hospital does and specifically surgeries and everything else that goes with it" says Jonathan Moulton, M.D.

We can't tell you who the patient is because of contractual obligations with the show, but we can tell you his medical emergency was found after a trip to Florida.   Doctors say the cause for a trip to the emergency room was an "amebic liver abscess," that's a collection of pus in the liver brought on by a nasty intestinal parasite.

"Yeah, (this is the) first we had seen of it here and I actually can tell you for the past four years we haven't had a case of it again yet" says Amit Tevar,M.D.

"The lucky part is that he (the patient) was at a hospital that could do liver surgery, what we did...we did what we usually do and it went well, if he had been at a hospital that didn't have that capability for more than another day he could have died" says Jonathan Moulton, M.D.

The infection (amebic liver abscess) happens worldwide, but is most common in tropical areas where crowded living conditions and poor sanitation exist.

"They are very very small monsters but some of those are the worst of all" says Jonathan Moulton, M.D.

Now each episode has dramatizations that show the illnesses progression.

Even though the show won't air for several weeks FOX 19 NEWS can tell you the patient is fine thanks to the quick work of University Hospital.

"Even after removing fifty percent of his liver...that usually compensates ...and actually within six weeks that portion of the liver regrows and can go back to normal size, he has really had no long term affects from this at all" says Amit Tevar, M.D.

Season two has been announced but producers with Animal Planet told us they weren't sure when this episode would air.