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AP-US-Iraq: Saddam (Tops)

White House again questions Saddam T-V address

(White House-AP) -- The White House is again questioning a

Saddam Hussein T-V appearance.

A senior official says it's not known who was really on the

broadcast -- nor is it certain when the tape was recorded.

In the appearance, the Iraqi leader sought to rally his people

as U-S forces close in on Baghdad. He also made specific references

to U-S tactics and fighting around Umm Qasr (oom-KAHSR'), a key

southern port city.

The official says U-S intelligence is conducting voice analysis

on the tape right now.

The White House issued similar cautions in the wake of a Baghdad

T-V broadcast last week, hours after an airstrike on a leadership

complex near the Iraqi capital.

On the new tape, the speaker vows his country will see "victory

... soon."

But the senior U-S official repeats what President Bush has said

-- that Saddam is "losing control" of his country.