Kenneth Garlough

This is a picture of my father, Kenneth Garlough, and he was deployed in early December. I remember the exact thoughts I had running through my head. I was on my way to jazz classes and one of my best friends was coming to pick me up for dance, but instead my mom picked me up.

At first, I wondered why, but then, when I got in the car, she told me that my dad got deployed and he had to leave in one hour and he hadn't have anyway to get a hold of my stepmom so she didn't know until he got done packing his things. When she finally came home, I was bawling. I didn't know what was going to happen to him if he would be okay or not, and it kind of seemed like I would never see him again.

Yes, I'm glad he's fighting for his country, but I'm also scared. I'm only in the sixth grade, and to already lose my father I would go crazy because I'm a real big daddy's girl and I love both of my parents so much and I need to grow up with both of them.

I mean, yeah, I have a stepdad and I think of him as a father figure, but nobody will ever be able to take the place of my real father and if something did happen to him, not only would I be lost, but my dad is a very well respected man and he has a lot of family and friends but he's still young in my opinion. He's only 34, and he hasn't even lived life yet, and I know that I'm not the only one who this has happened to, and I'm really sorry if this has happened to one of your loved ones. My heart is with you all and please pray for my dad as well as all of the other troops.

Chantelle Garlough