Cpl Christopher T. Short

My name is Pam Cabrera, and I am sending this e-mail to you with a picture attached of "MY HERO". He is our son-in-law. He is in the Unites States Marine Corp. His name is Cpl Christopher T. Short and is stationed in Jacksonville, North Carolina at Camp Lejeune.

He is in the 2nd Radio Battalion there. He is 21-years-old and to be 22 June 24th. He joined the Marine Corp 3 1/2 years ago in which he enlisted for four years. He is in either Kuwait or Iraq now. He left home on January 13, 2003 on the U.S.S. Battaan. Chris and my daughter Alicia got married on August 24, 2001.

They both met in High School here in Kentucky at Ryle High School. In this picture, I am sending you is when they both came out to our home in Burlington, Kentucky to visit. In which Alicia was pregnant. She has since then gaven birth to their son on June 25th, 2002. His name is Christopher T. Short Jr. Alicia, her Dad, my husband Juan and I have been sending Chris some care packages for him and to share some with the other guys along with him. We have sent like 4 to 5 shipments to them already.

Also, I have put a candle light in my kitchen bay window which faces out towards our street. It is one of those that you can plug in and it lights up from dusk to dawn. We would ask if everyone could light a candle for "OUR TROOPS." We love Chris so much and miss him as well, and he is "OUR HERO". Thank you so very much for putting up these men and women's pictures who are out there fighting for our country and our freedom.

Again thank you,

Pam Cabrera