Truck Drives Toward Anti-War Protest

An anti-war protest in Cincinnati was interrupted Monday when witnesses say a man in a semi-truck drove straight toward the protestors.

Police were already there monitoring the protest and saw the whole thing. About 30 men and women held signs over 175 an anit-war message for commuters. That's when witnesses say a blue semi-tractor trailer drove by the first time.

"He went around the corner came back around the corner, toward us full speed," said one protester.

"He swerved over onto the sidewalk started leaning on his horn and headed straight at us," said protestor Kate Anthony.

Witnesses say the driver made obsene gestures as he was driving toward them.

"They were scattering to run from the oncoming truck," said Cincinnati Police Captain James Whalen.

Police arrested James Watters of Westwood. They charged him with aggravated menacing, inducing panic and reckless operation of a vehicle.

"Everyone is entitled to their opinion, everyone has to respect everyone for their opinion violence is always going to be against the law and we have to take action when anything like that even begins to occur," said Captain Whalen.

But some think his actions were taken too lightly.

"I only hope police will treat peace domnstrators with the same respect when and if they break the law," said hith wickrema, also a protester.

Meanwhile protesters say this behavior only re-affirms their committment to stand up against violence and war.

"If this gentlemen is not thinking consciously that lets us know that we have a bigger job to do out there. People are brainwashed, gong-ho about war. Women and children are dying," said protester William Kirklan.