Miami student grabbed while taking a shower in her dorm

By Tiffany Teasley – bio | email
OXFORD, OH (FOX19) -- Even on a sunny Thursday afternoon it's nearly impossible for women living at Richard Hall to forget what happened in the middle of the night.
"It's kind of scary, that it happened in my dorm," said Courtney Smith, who lives in Richard Hall. 
"To be honest I was terrified, because I always felt safe in the dorms" said Cassie Callan, also a resident at Richard Hall.
Terrified after hearing a man grabbed a female student while she was showering.
"I really don't understand how he got in," Callan said.
"It happened on the floor beneath me, I live on the third floor and I heard it happened in the second floor," Smith said.
 Miami University Police say it happened Wednesday just before 4:00 am, a male suspect somehow got inside the all female dorm, went to the bathroom, pulled back the shower curtain and grabbed the woman behind  by the head.
"She was holding a razor, scrapped her finger, and then he left, she was otherwise
 unharmed psychically, and then talked to her RA who called police," said Claire Wagner of Miami University.
The University quickly sent out a crime alert to the community.
"We have a bulk listserv that was sent out to faculty, staff and students," Wagner said.
Police don't have any suspect and are canvassing the area trying to track down the intruder.
"We don't know if this male was a guest, or he got entry another way," Wagner said.
Like all dorms on campus you must use a key card to get inside Richard Hall, still students say they're not taking any chances
"If I see someone in the hall way and they're just kind of by their self, especially male, I'm definitely going to question why they're there especially late at night," Callan said.
Even though Richard Hall is a female dorm, male guests are allowed with an escort, if you have any information you're asked to call University police at 517 529 2222.

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