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Woman claims fake 20-dollar bill came from her ATM

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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX10) - Imagine this. You go to the ATM to get some cash and the next thing you know, you're facing five to ten years in prison!

That's the situation a local woman is in, despite the fact that she claims she did nothing wrong.

"I went and tried to pay for some gas," said Candice Walker.

That was Thursday, February 11th. Candice Walker had just gone to the ATM at the Cincinnati Credit Union.

"One of the 20 dollar bills that they gave me out the Genie machine was fake," said Walker. And that's when Candice Walker's life would change forever.

"They took the money and called Kentucky Police and they took me to jail," she said. "I was humiliated yesterday, handcuffed in front of a store full of people for something I work every day hard, I have no time, I've never been a criminal, never been to jail, have no time to risk my freedom, my life, on 20 dollars."

She went before a judge and heard she could now be facing up to 5 to10 years in jail, charged as a felon.

"That's a class "c" felony," the Judge said. "That calls for a term in the state penitentiary of at least 5 years not to exceed ten years."

Walker said she never would have thought to question money coming out of a bank.

"You don't check to see if your money real or fake and I really didn't," she said. "I just put everything in my wallet that came out the Genie machine and didn't think anything of it."

"I have everything from when I deposited my money what I took out, what I went to go pay, and the rest of the money that came from the bank," she said.

Walker said she's contacting an attorney and was on her way back to the Cincinnati Credit Union, to see how a fake 20-dollar bill -- could have ever been dispensed from their ATM.

When FOX 19 tried to contact the credit union, they wouldn't comment on the matter.

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