Jodi Gabbard-Mann & Clarence Luckie Mann

My heroes are Jodi Nichole Gabbard-Mann and her husband Clarence Luckie Mann. Jodi is my daughter and Luckie is my son-in-law. They are both in the army reserve in the 478th engineer battalion out of Fort Thomas.

Jodi was born in Cincinnati and Luckie was born in Preble County. They both joined the army when they were still in school. They met while doing exercises at the recruiters 3 years ago. They were married on Feb 1, 2003. They got married when they did because they were gonna be deployed but didn't know when. They are very dedicated to everything they set their minds to. I have 100% faith in both of them that they can and will do their job and complete it successfully, they have always been like that, they have all of us as the citizens of America on their mind, we are why they want to and are doing this. They're lives and safety is the last thing on their minds.

I love both of them so much every time I think about what they are doing for me and the rest of America i am so proud I tear up not because I'm sad by far. Jodi graduated from school with high scores on her proficiencies and high honors from the school and the army, she is very dedicated please honor my daughter and her husband the way they deserve because they are two very special people.


Lisa and Joe Stang
Middletown, Ohio