Christopher Scott Sawyers

My hero is my 23 year-old son Christopher Scott Sawyers. Scott is a Combat Engineer with the 11 th Army Engineers, 3 rd Infantry Division Mechanized, Ft.Stewart GA. Scott is now in Iraq with the "3 rd Mech" within one day of Baghdad. Scott's rank is Specialist (Spc.) and his job is clearing mines and demolition.

Scott joined the Army Reserves as a junior in high school (Anderson). After 2 years in the Reserve unit in Ft. Thomas (the Engineer Battalion just recently deployed), Scott requested active duty status and was stationed at Ft. Stewart GA. Scott was deployed to Kosovo just as the bombing of the Serb forces stopped. He was there on September 11, 2001.

All that Scott wants to do is to serve our country – "service above self" as they say. Right now he's at the "tip of the spear" near Baghdad. We haven't heard from him now in six weeks since a lone letter arrived from Kuwait. We had the letter published in the Enquirer on Sunday March 16 in the Letters From the Front section. Many local teachers have called us to ask permission for their students to write to him.

Scott is our hero.

Tim and Claire Sawyers