José La Torre

Hi, My name is Carmen Velez. I reside here in Cincinnati, OH. I'm originally from Puerto Rico which is where my brother, Specialist José La Torre, is currently based at in Camp Santiago.

Attached you will find a picture of him with his wife Sheila. He will also be leaving behind a 6 month old baby nephew, Nathaniel any time soon if not already. José is currently studying to become a pilot at the Interamerican University in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He is also my only brother. As his sister I can say he brings lots of joy to all of us as well as to all those who know him. I am incredibly proud of him as I will always be and ask God everyday to bless him along with all other soldiers that will or have been deployed.

José.......Nathaniel, Sheila, Mom, Dad and all of us will be praying for you to come back home safe. We'll be waiting for you!

Love you always!

Your sister Carmen