lcpl Downing J.C.

Our sons name is lcpl Downing J.C.

First of all pray for all that are putting there lives on the line. But please God bring my baby boy home!!!!!.He is out of the Walnut Hills duty station.

He is missed more than I can say. I would have never imagined he would be where he is. But he has a duty to his country that he feels he needs to do.

Just to let everyone know he has more courage than anyone I well as everyone there.god send comfort to all the familys that are feeling helpless.he is our only son. The oldest of four children. He is missed so much that our family is deeply hurt. But we realize he has a duty to his country. He's only 20 years old. He's a proud marine. He graduated from Eastern Brown County. He is missed by friends family and mosty mom, dad ,his sisters and pets!!!!!!!!!! God help them all. Bring them home!!!!!


mother ,father and sisters.

Thank you all for the support of our troops.

Stacey and R oger Berrier.