Tri-state residents outraged after Vanity Fair article

By Kimberly Holmes – bio | email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19)  - A Vanity Fair article sparks outrage after the author trashes the Tri-State.

Many folks we spoke with said the first line summed up author A.A. Gill's bias: "It's not in the nature of stoic Cincinnatians to boast, which is fortunate, really, for they have meager pickings to boast about."

In the article, titled "Roll Over, Charles Darwin!" Gill writes about his trip to the Creation Museum, a 70,000-square-foot museum in Petersburg, Ky. Gill belittles every aspect of the landmark, especially the displays. Gill writes, it's "not really a museum at all ... it's an argument."

Ken Ham runs the Creation Museum, and said Gill didn't visit the museum with an open mind. Ham said Gill was on a mission.

"We're used to people coming in and not necessarily agreeing with us and doing a critique," Ham said. "But first of all, there's no real critique of our scientific arguments or biblical arguments. It's more of a mocking article."

One that goes on to poke fun at Cincinnati.

"I think that's a harsh statement coming from a person who spent little to no time in Cincinnati or though it appears," said Shannon Glass, a young professional who lives, works, and volunteers throughout the Tri-State. "He spent the majority of his time in the Creation Museum which is in Kentucky so I'm not sure if he's confused about where he is or he just decided to pick the closest city to pick on."

Criminal Defense lawyer Donald Caster regularly contributes to the "Cincinnati Blog."

"You've got the Cincinnati Arts Museum which is great," Caster said. "You've got the Contemporary Arts Center which is terrific; the building is an architectural wonder. The Cincinnati Symphony, the Reds and the Bengals. We all wish they'd win more games, but not every city has a professional sports team."

Hamilton County Commissioner David Pepper said he couldn't agree more.

"Frankly, we've actually had more visitors in the last year," Pepper said. "We are doing better than most cities when it comes to tourism, museums, viewing our arts, going to our cultural events. We've actually had, even in our tough economy, a great year of people visiting."

FOX19 tried contacting the magazine and the author for a comment, but couldn't reach him Wednesday afternoon.

Cincinnati blogger Kate Crossen posted an open letter to Vanity Fair on her website. She's encouraging others to write Vanity Fair. Dozens of other locals are asking Gill to return to the Queen City for a proper visit.

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