Banks arm themselves against violent bank robberies

By Regina Russo – bio | email

HYDE PARK, OH (FOX19) - Wednesday, Hyde Park bank employees were greeted by three suspects, guns drawn, loud, organized, weapons pointing in their face.

This type of bank robbery Cincinnati police call a take over.

"They have an agenda one jumps the counter then they go right for the money they have a plan," said Det. Tina Ziegler, Cincinnati Police Detective.

Detective Ziegler was recalled a similar robbery at the Cincinnati Credit Union on Edwards Road just this December. But F.B.I. statistics show these types of violent robberies don't happen often.

"We are seeing in Southern Ohio, 24 percent of bank robberies brandishing a weapon in commission of a bank," said Jerome Baker, Special Agent of Violent Crimes with the F.B.I.

In fact, bank robberies in general in Southern Ohio are decreasing. There were 166 in 2008 and 113 in 2009. The F.B.I. credits local law enforcement and bank individual bank security measures.

"Dye packs and other instruments of tracking, regulated by that bank, some don't use and some use," said Mike Phillips, Cincinnati Police Detective.

Some banks forbid certain clothing - no hats, disguises no hoods or sunglasses.

If you can believe it, cost dictates the level of security each bank will put in place. That's why it differs from branch to branch. But the one constant is suspects are typically caught quickly, within a week and net on average less than a thousand dollars a heist.

"Typically don't get away with cash and it's a high risk their taking and still considered a violent crime, whether or not there's a weapon," said Barker.

Ziegler says these types of robberies are more scary because of the psychological effects of the employee.

"They are never the same after that moment, they are never the same," said Ziegler.

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