Icicles causing trouble on a sidewalk near you

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX10) - There are some things in life that are good to the last drop. But now that temperatures are on the rise, one "drop" could be your last.

Huge icicles are hanging from high places all over the Tri-State, and coming down off a sidewalk near you.

From downtown Cincinnati to Campbell County, people are dodging icicles left and right.

Like icy fingers dangling from the sky, they wait. And with every drip, drip, drip, they come closer to losing their frozen grip on our gutters, fire escapes and off the sides of buildings.

"I was down here like, oh the snow is pretty good I'm gettin' at 'em," said Martin Sims, who fancied himself a pitcher, as he wound-up his arm loaded with snowballs. "Yes, it's good snowball snow."

He said his aim was not so good after several failed attempts to knock down some of the massive icicles dangling outside his building. Admittedly, not ready for the Cincinnati Reds.

"Yeah, or maybe I can help them with a couple of these fast balls and splitters I'm about to knock these icicles down with," Sims said.

Finally, after a few tries, he connects. But later, if you can beat 'em, well, just beat 'em... with a broom! Sims took a bright red broom to the icicles and one-by-one, sent each crashing to the sidewalk. One of his direct hits just barely missed his foot. Huge chunks of ice fell. He tried to crush them by stomping on them, but even that was futile. The pieces were so heavy, there was no sweeping those icy monsters to the curb.

There are huge chunks of frozen ice all over the sidewalks along Main Street in downtown Cincinnati. One man was nearly scared to death as he walked by and pieces fell.

"Ya got big icicles up here," Sims said. "Icicles gonna fall on your head, they'll kill you."

Melting icicles are only part of the problem. Now that some of the snow has melted as well, bigger problems are revealing themselves. Like an awning in Fort Thomas that had collapsed under the weight of the snow. There was a giant spear of ice hanging from the gutters on a house directly across the street.

Downtown, Susan Mitchell had a close call on her way to the store.

"And a whole bunch of 'em fell down," Mitchell said. "And I almost got hit by one but thank God I didn't, I'm walking with a cane. This is my walking stick so I was blessed but wasn't hit, but it was dangerous."

Those icicles are also potentially deadly. The really high ones, with enough velocity, have been known to pierce cars parked below.

City Fire Departments have been making house calls to some of the buildings downtown, using their extension ladders to knock-down those icy daggers. So until you know the coast is clear, watch out.

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