Drug bust in Indian Hill

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX10) - Six people have been arrested on drug charges and where it happened shows no community is immune to drug problems.

It was a big bust, several months in the making, with several departments tackling a growing drug problem together.

Indian Hill Rangers worked with Cincinnati Vice, Madeira Police, and Deer Park police.

"We used the Hamilton County Swat Team to conduct the raids," said Chief Chuck Schlie.

And the payoff?

"Right at 40 felony drug indictments," Schlie said.

Schlie said there were several houses involved, one in Deer Park and another in Indian Hill.

"The case itself involves everything from marijuana to OxyContin to cocaine," Schlie said.

Police said one of the houses in Deer Park had a fairly sophisticated marijuana growing operation.

"With the heat lamps, and the fans, and the temperature control," Schlie said. "Were found in the basement of the house along with right around 167 plants."

And it wasn't just the pot plants, there were confiscated TV's and at least two vehicles.The Rangers arrested six people.

"Every one's an adult," Schlie said. "And we're expecting maybe a couple more arrests out of this and all of them are adults."

Chief Schlie said they're looking into complaints they've gotten from students in schools on drug use. The Chief hopes this bust puts a dent into it.

"It's unusual for our community," Schlie said. "It's not the typical thing that happens in our community but we're no different than other communities around Cincinnati, we do have our issues."

The chief said they still have a few more leads to check-out and that the arrest count in this case will definitely be going up.

Kevin Crowley, 22, is charged with permit drug abuse. Matthew Schlotman, 22, is charged with trafficking in drugs. Stephen Dewitt, 23, is charged with trafficking in drugs and permit drug abuse. Sean Studley, 22, is charged with two counts of trafficking in drugs. Robert Atkins, 21, faces four counts of permit drug abuse. John Sweeney, 23, is charged with trafficking in marijuana and possession of marijuana.

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