Gamble Estate future up in air

By Brad Underwood – bio | email

WESTWOOD, OH (FOX19) – As early as this March, The Gamble Estate may no longer be apart of the Westwood community.

The home's current owners, The Greenacres Foundation, have filed paperwork to demolish the historic home.

That decision has residents on the attack to preserve the former home of James N. Gamble, one of the founders of Procter and Gamble.

"Everybody is shocked," said Bob Prokop of Westwood Concern.  "I think everyone just kind of expected this place to always be here, because its been here for so long.  Its a fixture in the community."

There's more than 150 years of history inside the home that was once a centerpiece of brilliant architecture in the community.

Today, it's still impressive, but code violations like peeling paint and broken pieces of sidewalk have led The Greenacres Foundation to file papers to tear it down.

"Disregarding the history of this house and the person that lived here is tragic," said Prokop.

For now, the bulldozers have put on hold. In March there will be a hearing to discuss the recent application by the Westwood Community Association to make the estate a historical landmark.

Prokop says the city must preserve the history of Gamble and his home after all he has done for the community.

"The history of James N. Gamble and all that he did for the community and its very important to them and to keep this house and honor his memory," said Prokop.

Carter Randolph, Executive VP of The Greenacres Foundation declined an interview, and said the company has no comment.

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